Perfume discovery

Saturday morning class

Join us for 3 morning sessions to discover the world of perfumery. Become a more educated fragrance shopper and understand how your sense of smell can influence your life.

SESSION 1 : Perfumer's Palette (January 17th)

  • Test your sense of smell
  • Smell & emotions: chinese portait of an odor
  • Natural and synthetic raw materials: difference and origin

SESSION 2 : Fragrance Creation(January 24th)

  • Review the olfactive pyramid and the olfactive families
  • Create, blend and evaluate your customized perfume

SESSION 3 : A century of feminine fragrance and YOU (January 31st)

  • Discover the evolution and trends of the feminine fragrances decade after decade
  • Acquire some knowledge on your own olfactive preferences
  • Understand which perfume match your personality (profiling)

Sat Jan 17, 2015
9:30 AM - 12:30 PM SGT
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The perfumer's place
Perfumer's palette SOLD OUT $130.00
Fragrance Creation SOLD OUT $160.00
A Century of Perfume and YOU SOLD OUT $160.00
Perfumer's palette + Fragrance creation SOLD OUT $250.00
All 3 classes SOLD OUT $390.00
Venue Address
44 Shelford Road, #05-01 Watten Estate, 288437 Singapore
The meeting room is located on the second level of the pool building which is in front of you when you go up the slope from the guard house.
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